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The age old question of whether to go it alone or not

Should I hire a web designer or build a website myself?

Developing a website yourself may seem like a good idea and it may be tempting to skimp on the cost of a website developer but there are a few things you should consider before you do it yourself, because after all, many businesses can benefit greatly from having a pro do the hard work for you.

The business model that will most benefit from a professionally built website would be a business that does not have a physical store front and conducts all sales online, as in this model type, the website is the store front, it represents you and your business.

While a company that sells goods from a web storefront only are the most obvious benefices from professional web development, they aren't the only. To add to this point further, a business selling goods where details are key and need to be seen by the customer to get the sale. Companies selling items such as tech, jewelry, clothing, footwear, automobiles, food stuffs, sporting goods, industrial supplies or antiques are some of many that fall into this category.

Another good example would be a service provider of any kind, while these sites are often simple in structure, you still need it to convey that professional, confident message, all the while showing off past work and having contact info easily seen. These would often be seen within but not limited to the trades such as plumbers, carpenters, painters, HVAC technicians, electricians, roofers, decorators, handymen, landscapers and lawn care.
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Website Dark Age
Customers find it unacceptable if companies have a poor website experience

Pull your website out of the dark age

Regardless of your products or services, a 1999-esque, outdated website site does not convey professionalism or encourage buyer conference this day in age. Appearance is key when so many services can be found at the click of a button. At the same rate a poorly designed website with a difficult to navigate interface, however ascetically pleasing it may be, also sets up you up for failure.

Remember first impressions do last and with the virtually endless amount of options out there, a bad web experience can send your would have been costumer to a competing company.

In conclusion, most businesses that can justify having a website to begin with can also justify hiring it be professionally developed. The market is more competitive than ever, with more and more companies, of nearly every imaginable service and product, turning to the internet to increase sales. Your business can benefit from a solid web presence, that a professional can offer.
Your business is unique as is your website, we concentrate on the following points to deliver a tailored development
Web Design Navigation
Websites need to be user friendly

Web Design Navigation

Navigation If ever there is something that pisses off clients from your site, it's having creepy navigation where the user keeps on hitting the back button on the browser to return to the previous page. It is a wise idea to use multiple call-to-action buttons that allow users to jump from one page to the next with relative ease. Easy navigation allows clients on your website to be able to find what they are looking for with the minimum time possible.
Content is more important than ever

Unique Content

This is where most web developers and web designers get it wrong in the quest to make the website beautiful and appealing, they employ too many graphics, videos and animations overlooking content.

A good website design requires rich content that informs the visitor to the website on the services offered, at Luton Web Design we understand the importance of good unique content and have departments dedicated to the sourcing and placement of great content for your website.
Unique Content For Websites
Interface And Layout
With good navigation comes the need for responsive designs

Interface and Layout

The interface and design of your website should be well managed without becoming too busy with flashy images and videos that distract the end user from the ultimate goal you want to achieve. We make sure we develop consistency throughout your website development so that users don't become confused or distracted.

A great website should be flexible enough to allow future changes and that should allow it to be compatible with all modern browsers. When it comes to a good web design the focus is always on it being responsive to all kinds of devices with different screen sizes from smartphones, tablets, iPads to PC monitors.
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